Anonymous asked:
Hi-anon here. Apology 100% accepted. Sorry, should have used @ before. I don't want you to get hate! I'm anon because I don't want hate either. How sad it's come to this. I was upset because a girl posted a con report, it was misunderstood, she clarified & Chandra & others are on a mission to vilify her. It's not right. Not every C@ryler is a horrible person out to ruin things for others. People need to stop listening to Chandra. She's been banned from multiple TWD sites for a reason, ya know?

I completely understand. Sorry about the whole misunderstanding! :)


Is this still going?
I’m having to unfollow some people because I follow WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE!!!!

So if you’re blog is no longer active or something I have to unfollow, sorry!

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